I decided to write this myself. Where do I start?

Writing this, I immediately want to dive into the ego and list self-proclaimed accomplishments. But, that really means nothing when it comes to my reason for being an artist; my “why”.

I’m proud to say I was born in Phoenix and have always lived in Arizona. Some of my earliest memories are being captivated by music. I remember sitting in my mom’s car watching people react to songs and how it would change their mood, instantly. I noticed this so young, I can’t even tell you how old I was. I had zero limitations as to what music I was allowed to listen to and I have five brothers that fed to me.

I immediately fell in love with hip-hop and couldn’t get enough. Being from Phoenix, I was naturally around west coast rap quite a bit. My step-brothers are from New York and they brought me a lot of east coast rap to listen to. I love ‘west coast’ funk but have always been mesmerized by ‘east coast’ lyrics.

I started to freestyle because my friends wouldn’t let me stand in the circle with them unless I tried to rap. Eventually, people I looked up to were telling me I was good (would gas me up) and they pushed me to write. I was addicted. I named myself ‘Slogan’ and I’ve been writing ever since.

I would always buy music and pick apart my favorite lyricist’s raps, but I never witnessed live performances. A good friend of mine showed me, Sage Francis, when I was 18. I gotta admit, I hated everything but 2 songs on the album he gave me, but those 2 were incredible. Eventually, the other tracks would start to play while I was driving, or at work, and I would start to understand certain bars and then the meaning of songs. Then, I realized I didn’t like most of that album because it was way over my head. The album was called “Personal Journals”; it is an incredible album. I caught wind of Sage Francis coming to AZ and I jumped on the idea of going to watch him live. There was an incredibly long line. Having no idea what Sage Francis looked like, my boy points him out as he walks through the line to go to the gas station; nobody even knew it was him. I realized there was no image involved, these people were here for the music, like myself. The show was amazing and it changed my life. I realized you can make music, inspire people, and not be famous. For the first time in my life, I knew what I wanted to do.

When I finally grew nuts to get on stage for the first time, I was 23, that also changed my life. I have been contacted by local promoters to do shows ever since. (Ego alert.) I have never asked to do a show. My main inspiration to keep getting better is my city pushing me and supporting me. I receive an overwhelming amount of love and I’ve decided to make an honest effort to put as much art into the world as I can. Recently, I decided to change my stage name to my real name, Cory Hill. I always write from a personal point of view, and I think my own experiences and name better represent the vision.

So I am here, but I want to be there. When I say there, I mean travel. I’ve been lucky enough to take my music on the road and I know that is what I am meant to do. The reason behind this is the experience and knowledge gained from traveling are incomparable to anything else. What better fuel for good lyrics? My goal is to capture every emotion and experience and document it through music; for me, for you, and for them. I’m often asked how I stay inspired to continue to get better and support the scene when there is no monetary gain. I can only reply that I’m already rich, I know what I want to do. I’ve made incredible connections, friends, family, and memories. That is wealth to me. I recently decided to push my music and performances with a business-like mind state. The goal is to make money, then take that money to put back into creating more connections, more friends, more family, and memories.